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August 2012

Republicans: The Secret War Against Women

August 30, 2012 // Le Figaro - France - French

The Todd Akin affair is a revealing one. The Republican representative, currently a candidate for Missouri’s senate seat, created a national storm by declaring that women who are victims of rape don’t become pregnant if they really will it; their bodies will shut down. This argument goes back to the age of [Read more]

Eid Seen from Planet Mars

August 30, 2012 // L'Expression - Algeria - French

This event is not breaking news, yet it is of a planetary size. Because while some people are tearing at each other’s throats on planet Earth, others, a very few smart people among mankind, are on planet Mars. Well, they are almost there; they “landed” a rover on Aug. 6. That day, U.S. President Barack Obama [Read more]

Barack and David, the Demonic Duo

August 29, 2012 // Pravda - Russia

One can hear the howls of derision in Washington and Whitehall, one can hear an "oh, la!la!" in the Elysée Palace, followed by a shocked "Dites-donc!". But what if Syria did behave like the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US)?

It’s Mitt the Twit Against Barack Obomber

August 29, 2012 // Pravda - Russia

So, the die are thrown and as we had all imagined, in November the citizens of the USA will be voting for Mitt "I don't do gaffes" the Twit or Barack "Change is a six-letter word" Obomber. Does it really make any difference?

Apple vs. Samsung

August 29, 2012 // Irish Times - Ireland

The great patent wars of Edison’s day in the US were followed by a long period of peace when such conflicts were discouraged by government. Since the 1980s, though, patent wars have made a comeback.
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