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August 2012

Power and Possibility

August 1, 2012 // Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt

The vested interests of the US and Russia, especially concerning the fundamental issues of energy, oil, natural resources, environment and armaments, have continued to influence world politics and international relationships

Victim of Own Folly

August 1, 2012 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The Pakistani envoy stated that since the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States, more than 42,000 Pakistani soldiers and civilians had been killed and the country had suffered in IMF's assessment almost $78 billion in economic losses.

Drone Attacks Will Disrupt Pak-US Ties

August 1, 2012 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

Pak-US relations deteriorated in 2009 when as part of US espionage network, hundreds of the American CIA spies entered Pakistan under the guise of diplomats who began anti-Pakistan activities through their affiliated militants by supervising and guiding them.

Afghanistan: Order or Disorder

August 1, 2012 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

Historic evidence has it that neither Taliban, nor Northern Alliance alone could sustain their rule over Afghanistan while ensuring peace and stability.

Tragedy in the US

August 1, 2012 // La Razon - Bolivia - Spanish

Once again, a cocktail of fanaticism, mental disorders and firearms brings mourning and sorrow to dozens of homes in the U.S. This time, a movie theater showing the third and final Batman sequel from director Christopher Nolan was chosen as the scene of a tragedy, which took the lives of at least 12 people and left 59 [Read more]

In Shaikh We Trust

August 1, 2012 // The News - Pakistan

Not only did the president arrive in Chicago without a plan, his new ambassador in Washington promptly wrote an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune demanding once more a non-negotiable apology at a time when the US was looking for flexibility from the Pakistani side.
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