Barack Obama is the acknowledged favorite of the Germans. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is considered to be dumb and reactionary. In addition, he is rich and proud of his country. That does not appeal to us.

This has to be a mistake: Mitt Romney can think, talk and persuade? How so? The first television duel of the American presidential candidates was decisively for him, say almost all American journalists who besieged the two.

Barack Obama, the king for the Germans, who they find so likable, who almost 90 percent wish to be the next president of the United States of America (if they could vote there) — this exceptionally gifted speaker, was tired and seemed groggy? That cannot be true!

If one reads and hears the reactions in this country, then it is clear: The incontrovertible fact that an American conservative comes off well is virtually contrary to nature. A Republican is, in fact, the last choice. He is dumb, radical, reactionary — because he believes in God and thinks that the Americans are a special people.

Critical of Government and For the Death Penalty

There is also the fact in Romney’s case that he is rich; ugh, he should be ashamed. He is stupid because he is proud of his country and says it too. How awkward. Because he is critical of the government and emphasizes performance, he is actually anti-social, isn’t he? Furthermore, he is a redneck who still likes to shoot and has nothing against the death penalty.

To be Republican, one senses it, does not work for the Germans. And so all Republicans are readily declared to be outcasts and fools (with one small exception: Reagan, because he was an actor and spoke the great sentence, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” [E]veryone finds [him to be] good, but only after 1989). Most recently, [it was] George W. Bush. With him, however, also half of all Americans — who elected him. Pretty cheeky of the Germans, when one considers …

Now, there are still three more duels and time for Obama to go into a hangar like Mitt Romney to practice, practice, practice: “It’s the economy, stupid!” An unwritten law of American democracy says that every president deserves a second chance. We’ll know more on Nov. 6.