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November 2012

On the Elections in Nicaragua and the United States

November 30, 2012 // DiarioCoLatino - El Salvador - Spanish

The Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (Sandinista National Liberation Front), or FSLN, won a convincing victory in its Nov. 4 elections, receiving 80 percent of the vote and winning 87 percent of mayoral elections. These results, which are due to the social and economic achievements of the government and the [Read more]

Washington Tackles the “Budgetary Wall”

November 29, 2012 // La Presse - Canada - French

After Thanksgiving, the American Congress returns to Washington on Monday to negotiate an historic agreement on the deficit with Barack Obama, which could see the Republicans accepting, in a roundabout way, an increase in taxes on the rich for the first time. There are 37 days until Jan. 2 and the triggering of the [Read more]

To Kowtow or Cooperate in Asia

November 29, 2012 // The Japan Times - Japan

Barack Obama's decision to go first to impoverished and long-isolated Myanmar (Burma) attests to the potency of the changes under way in that country — and to U.S. awareness of China's efforts to shape an Asia that kowtows to its economic and foreign-policy interests.
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