In this day and age of human rights, Cuba can show off some its achievements, despite the determination of some enemies to demonize us.

"Those who violate human rights shouldn't be called upon to judge the situation concerning those rights in other countries," said a high-ranking U.S. government official some time ago.

Under that premise, it is impossible to dismiss the shows put on by the United States trying to condemn Cuba, using its little group of mercenaries here. This, with the reality of the prisoners in Guantanamo (which the Nobel Peace Prize winner hasn't been able to close) or the denial of Olga and Adriana's visas to visit Rene and Gerardo, two of the five Cubans unjustly imprisoned in the empire and protagonists in a story of the north's dirty judicial process.

The empire's double standard of demanding of others what it doesn't do itself melts more and more its credibility among the public.

The imperial wars of the world and the killings in Israel and Palestine illustrate the United States' contempt of the first human right: a disregard for human life.