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Second Term

December 28, 2012 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

In a few days, the president of the United States will begin his second four-year term. The truth is that no one knows what to expect. The campaign didn’t get much attention because it was full of rhetoric, with little substance. In the heat of the electoral battle, many important subjects were avoided, no matter [Read more]

Presidents Will Be Picked by Minorities

December 28, 2012 // Rzeczpospolita - Poland - Polish

Christmas is the only religious holiday that is designated a federal holiday, despite the fact that separation between church and state is one of the fundamental tenets of American democracy. Will this change? The demographic changes that are sweeping through America are causing traditional American society, dominated [Read more]

The Freedom to Shoot

December 28, 2012 // Respekt - Czech Republic - Czech

“We’ll eat breakfast. Two minutes.” My husband summons me in brilliant Czech to view the outcome of his weekend culinary endeavors. The language is very, very slowly but nevertheless seeping into the folds of his brain in spite of his obstinate effort not to learn the language of the land of milk, honey and [Read more]
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