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January 2013

Concerning the Faltering US Foreign Policy

January 31, 2013 // al-Khaleej - U.A.E. - Arabic

It has been difficult for President Barack Obama to pursue two foreign policies: one public and one secretive. The difficulty is due to resistant forces, such as the Republican Party hawks who stalk every detail of foreign policy. How might they then overcome the difficult junctures, from Afghanistan to Pakistan, [Read more]

Obama's Second and Final Act

January 31, 2013 // Veja - Brazil - Portuguese

In his short and intense political career, Barack Obama has already defeated formidable foes such as Hillary Clinton (his rival in the Democratic primaries in 2008) and an economic crisis that had everything needed to impede his reelection this past November. He has been lucky to have confronted less formidable [Read more]

Farewell, Hillary

January 31, 2013 // Addustour - Jordan - Arabic

Hillary Clinton, age 65, obeyed her doctors and removed her contact lenses to wear the prescription glasses she appeared with after she left the hospital, where she was treated for a blood clot in her brain. Some think these are special glasses to treat "double vision.” The blonde Secretary of State wore glasses [Read more]

Shale Oil Won't Do

January 31, 2013 // Aleqtisadia - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

Shale oil production is seeing notable progress in the U.S., which is a good thing. But we do not agree that it will replace oil from the Middle East.

America's Republicans Have Started Coming to Their Senses

January 30, 2013 // der Tagesspiegel - Germany - German

<i>The Republicans suddenly seem to want to cooperate with President Obama. They have to — otherwise they will never win another national election.</i> The last U.S. election has now been history for nearly three months, but the confrontations of the campaign continue as if the voters had never made their wishes [Read more]
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