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May 2013

Do 200 Americans Scare al-Assad?

May 1, 2013 // Asharq Al Awsat - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

In the mid-‘90s, the U.S. government was adamant to spread the news that it had allocated about $15 million in order to topple Saddam Hussein's regime. It announced that it was spending it on the training and arming of Iraqi opposition groups in the Kurdish region. Although the news greatly resonated through the [Read more]

The United States: Yesterday and Today

May 1, 2013 // Al-Khaleej - U.A.E. - Arabic

The recent terrorist strikes against the United States provoked a wave of questions and comments about the future of this global power, as well as the domestic and foreign fallout. The U.S. is over-stretched, a problem which will soon take a toll on its level of superiority in addition to the economic difficulties that [Read more]

Terror in Boston

May 1, 2013 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The fatal attack at the Boston Marathon has reminded Americans of their vulnerability to terrorism and will provoke a bitter and emotional debate about how a democracy can defend itself against its external enemies when it suddenly discovers that they have already penetrated it and are now at home. The killer brothers [Read more]

The US Must Not Be Given Free Rein on North Korea

May 1, 2013 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

The deteriorating North Korean nuclear quagmire is a clear indication that the U.S. is still orchestrating developments in the security environment of Northeast Asia. The U.S. seizing control over the North Korean issue has subsequently made China and other parts of the region subject to its whims. A long-standing [Read more]

The Boston Paradox

May 1, 2013 // Romania Libera - Romania - Romanian

It is usually white, disillusioned men who shed blood in the U.S. The difference is that not all white men are collectively blamed for these atrocities

Do Not Let the Terrorists Become a Nightmare in People's Minds

May 1, 2013 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

The Boston Marathon bomb attacks resulted in a tragedy that caught the attention of the global media, with hundreds injured or dead. Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama equally expressed deep concern and condolences to the innocent civilians killed in the bombing. Many people heard about the [Read more]
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