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August 2013

The Syria Intervention: A What If …

August 30, 2013 // Daily Maverick - South Africa

The question of what happens after the attacks have been carried out may end up being a more significant issue than the one they are battling with now – to bomb or not to bomb.

Humanitarian Aid Is Possible

August 29, 2013 // die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

It is most unfortunate that Obama has pushed himself into a corner with his talk of a 'red line.' Getting himself out of this situation will come with heavy consequences: He will be publicly portrayed as a toothless tiger.

Many Bad Options

August 29, 2013 // Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

Even if U.S. President Barack Obama has not yet decided about a military intervention in Syria, Secretary of Defense Hagel is preparing scenarios for an intervention: targeted military attacks, no-fly zones or arming the rebels. All options contain risks. One possibility remains — and that ultimately depends on [Read more]

Our Security … and Washington's Responsibility!

August 29, 2013 // Al Rafidayn - Iraq - Arabic

It is within Iraq’s right that the U.S. increase security and intelligence support to complete the mission that U.S. forces left unfinished after leaving us and leaving behind them a terrorist base that has become ever more active, abetted by the country’s internal political disturbance.

Out of Control

August 29, 2013 // Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany - German

Anyone who still reacts with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders has already lost the battle against total surveillance.

Pacific Rim Spreads the Word, and It's Not Peace

August 29, 2013 // PLA Daily - China - Chinese

Lately, the American sci-fi blockbuster "Pacific Rim" has been heating up the box office. The movie is hardly groundbreaking; it retains the same hackneyed plot of the American warrior saving the world in the face of disaster, is produced with the same computer-generated imagery and 3-D technology, and incorporates the [Read more]
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