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September 2013

The Cooperation Crisis

September 30, 2013 // The Jordan Times - Jordan

The rise of emerging economies worldwide has generated much optimism, in terms not only of economic development, but also of global cooperation. But the shift to a multipolar world order has not bolstered multilateralism.

Still Some Way to Go

September 30, 2013 // The Jordan Times - Jordan

The resolution recently adopted by the UN Security Council on Syria’s chemical weapons has been hailed worldwide as a major breakthrough of international diplomacy, especially at the UN Security Council level.

We May Be Entering a New Golden Age of Human History

September 30, 2013 // The Daily Star - Lebanon

Americans’ anger following the attacks drove them to support policies that they once would have considered inconceivable. In the name of the “global war on terror,” they have tolerated torture; accepted – and even endorsed – the illegal invasion of Iraq; and allowed innocent civilians to become collateral damage of mechanical drone strikes.
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