This alliance only sets the stage for conspiracy, deceit and the disconfiguring of the current situation of pro-independence geopolitics in Latin America, a situation full of colonialism and the arbitrary corporate exploitation of national resources in favor of the powers that be in Washington and Europe.

With the start of the 21st century they have no less than assaulted the Caribbean and Latin American countries of ALBA, CELAC and Petrocaribe; a time when the world's financial system collapsed, when the Organization of American States took off its mask, a time when the U.N. and NATO continue to intervene in world affairs as they defer to corporate interests, all led by Uncle Sam.

It will be neither easy nor possible for the Pacific Alliance — attached to the outdated corporations obsessed with keeping independent countries indebted to them — to break down, dominate, undermine and least of all, to erase our great solidarity, as the permanent resistance of our people to "imperial" national security has shown.

The strength and self-determination of our America will not be dominated by distortion but only a large-scale armed invasion — which the top guns at the Pentagon are always eyeing — that would bring with it a reminder of the bubonic plague in Europe and those brought to our countries long ago.

Now that capitalist plague, its symptoms derived from Saxons, is in itself the cause of modern, contemporary and postmodern catastrophes, all of which revolve around exploitation of the weakest, which acts as fuel to power the most shameful system humanity has ever known.

The Pacific Alliance claims to be an opportunity for big business, however, considering how little these countries represent colonial interests, that couldn't be any more false, cynical or conspiratorial. Plenty of politicians and intellectuals have already imposed their own objective criteria on this project, yet another designed, implemented, evaluated and executed by the usual North American matrix that, upon seeing itself melting in the lava of its lies, doesn't stop — the power addict that it is — with its dominion of the Atlantic but pushes with a tyrannical arrogance its geopolitical ambitions into the Pacific, confronting the rise of China, Russia and the BRICs.