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February 2014

JFK, Oswald and Mexico

February 27, 2014 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

On Dec. 3 of last year, Jorge Castaneda wrote in El País that there is a mystery surrounding Oswald’s presence in Mexico before the Kennedy assassination, and that the U.S. tried to quell suspicions about Cuba’s involvement in the assassination. I had read Paul Gregory’s Nov. 7 article in The New York Times, [Read more]

Does NAFTA Need an Overhaul?

February 26, 2014 // Deutsche Welle - Germany

Hindsight is a luxury to envy, and several of these experts have very definite views of what they would have tried even harder to achieve in one specific area if they'd known then what they know now.

China-US Relations’ ‘Valentine’s Day’

February 26, 2014 // Guangming Daily - China - Chinese

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting China Feb. 14 to 15, dates that happen to align with the Western holiday Valentine’s Day in both time zones. An early statement from a State Department spokesperson said that during his visit Kerry will communicate “that the United States is committed to pursuing a [Read more]
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