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March 2014

America's Passion for Putin

March 1, 2014 // Izvestiya - Russia - Russian

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Western media, especially the American media, have had a biased coverage of events in Russia and have never tried to cover Russia's domestic and foreign policies objectively.

US: Lively Debate on 'No Wedding Cake for Gays' Law

March 1, 2014 // Le Figaro - France - French

<i>Arizona lawmakers passed a law recognizing the freedom of conscience of retailers who refuse to provide services to married gays. A number of other conservative states could follow this controversial example.</i> In the United States, gay marriage has been gaining ground for many years. Cornered, the Republican [Read more]

'House of Cards': Political Sublimation

March 1, 2014 // Il Manifesto - Italy - Italian

The audience at the sneak preview of "House of Cards" delighted in a first episode that already has a cult following, with Frank Underwood, congressman from the great state of South Carolina, in seventh heaven, fully dedicated to a new series of infamies in the service of increasingly unchecked ambition. [Read more]
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