Under an umbrella of American and European support, the Israeli army’s artillery and gunships have attacked innocent Palestinians 1,500 times. Despite a possible ceasefire brokered by Egypt, Israeli tank shelling and aerial bombing continued on the eighth day of the conflict, in which 185 civilians were killed and more than 1,000 injured.

The sight of the broken and dispersed bodies of innocent children bewilders most human beings and forces them to question the situation. Every sentimental being condemns Israel and its allies over such atrocities, while nearby Muslim nations are mourning these actions in silence.

Israel has left Gaza in ruins, with cities in flames under dark clouds of smoke. People are once again migrating from Gaza. The surprising thing is that the notion of these Israeli terrorists being charged for war crimes is extremely farfetched; Western media is publicizing the death of one Israeli, while Israel is bombing Gaza without reason.

A further disappointment is the fact that the United Nations, along with the Arab League, is only appealing for a ceasefire. The possibility of sending U.N. observers or peacekeepers to the affected region has not even been mentioned. Right now peacekeeping forces are needed to protect civilians from Israeli aggression. Instead of a ceasefire there must be efforts made to bring a permanent end to Israel’s reign of violence.

However, the Muslim world is asleep, even as innocent Muslims die and are forced to migrate from their homes to safety, all during the month of Ramadan. The Muslim world currently has the opportunity to openly help the people of Gaza, but so far only Saudi Arabia has pledged aid. If the Muslim world remains silent on Israeli terrorism, it does not discourage it from continuing. Condemnation is not enough; Israel has occupied the land of Muslims, and false Muslim nations are forging friendships with Israel instead of trying to rectify the issue.

Israel is a cancer for the Muslim world, but our rulers are careless, and they only desire the approval of America. The United States cannot protect Palestinians from Israel because, up until now, thousands of Palestinians have died from U.S.-supplied arms. In addition, the Western world predominantly supports Israel and thus supports the genocide against Muslims in Palestine.

America, Israel and India are all allied against Muslims around the world. India has made life difficult for Muslims and continues to murder them within its own borders as it wages genocide against the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir. In addition to this, India is also working beyond its borders to kill Muslims in places such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma and the Maldives. India is waging war against the interests of all Muslims, and is also planning on dividing the Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan and pitting them against one another. In this region, India is an agent of the U.S. in the same way that Israel is America’s pet snake in the Arab world.

The Muslim world is complaining about not having the latest weaponry, but they forget that wars cannot be won with weapons and ammunition alone. This lesson was made apparent by the collapse of the Soviet Union and America’s violent excursions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Muslim world should support the truth instead of succumbing to the pressure of Western powers. If injustice is supported and Muslim rulers continue to be silent, tomorrow it will be their turn next. They will meet with the same end as Saddam Hussein. Keep in mind that there were good relations and a great friendship between the U.S. and Iraq, but when American interests had been met, Iraq was abandoned as an ally and painted as the enemy, and their civilian population was also besieged. There was also a similar friendship between the United States and General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, but when Pakistan fell slightly out of step with the U.S., he was shot out of the sky. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto only thought of how to benefit his people and his nation and was hung as a result.

The silence of Muslim nations means they are accepting of genocide against Muslims: This can be the only explanation as to why they are only condemning instead of taking action. If the Muslim world remains asleep, America, through Israel and India, will individually attack each Muslim nation. America is only an ally of its own interests, seeking allies to fulfill its own agenda and discarding them once these desires have been met. Muslim rulers must unite, and instead of supporting America and Israel, they should support the Muslim world, help affected Muslims and abandon their shameless actions. This is the call of those suffering in the Muslim world.