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March 2015

Syria, the End of ‘Neither-Nor’

March 30, 2015 // La Croix - France - French

Bashar al-Assad cannot be defeated militarily. It’s the conclusion at which the United States has arrived. They note that in a Syria that has been divided by four years of war, two forces dominate: Daesh (the Islamic State), in the north and the east; the army and the pro-Assad militia in the center and the west. [Read more]


March 30, 2015 // Tageblatt - Luxembourg - German

One of the big problems with the American right wing is that it only has one tool in its toolbox — namely, the sledgehammer. And, in the words of an American proverb, to the one who only has a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Put another way: There is hardly a foreign policy problem that cannot be solved, [Read more]

Ted Cruz, Such a Hypocrite …

March 30, 2015 // Journal de Montreal - Canada - French

The story is revolting; such is the opportunism and hypocrisy emanating from it. It originates from Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who, on Monday, announced he would be running for the Republican nomination with the 2016 presidential elections in mind. (Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, but his mother is American. He is [Read more]

Delving into Anderson’s Dreams

March 29, 2015 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

"Inherent Vice" is a 1970s epic and a tribute to mafias and drugs; a two-hour-long hippie song and an allegory of visual jokes, colors, noise and unlikely situations that dance and mix together chaotically without any filter; a cocktail of supreme ingredients; the Cohen brothers, Tarantino and Pedro Almodovar. It [Read more]
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