Clinton may have her ticket to the Democratic primaries all figured out, but for the Republicans, the competition remains fierce. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have already officially declared themselves in the running, yet this leaves another 10 possible candidates all planning to have their shot at the presidency. This Monday, it will be the turn of young Cuban Sen. Marco Rubio, to announce his candidacy in Miami.

Jeb Bush: The Firm Favorite?

If we had to choose a favorite, it would probably be Jeb Bush. This former governor of Florida (1999-2007) has connections in all the right places, and may be set to further the family legacy. At 62 years old, and married to a Mexican woman, Bush is no stranger to speaking Spanish. He’s pro-immigration, and has long championed a reform of the education system. But before he can win over the heart of his compatriots, he needs to realize just how hard the Republicans have it. Immediately after Clinton made her announcement, he confirmed in a video that the Republicans “must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy.”

Rand Paul: Fight the Nanny State

Kentucky senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul represents the right-wing of his party. Fervent supporter of a reduction in the role of the federal government in its sovereign functions, Paul stands out from the crowd thanks to his traditionally interventionist stance on foreign policy. His approach to civic rights has been relatively well received by black and Spanish minorities.

Ted Cruz: Complete with Cowboy Boots

At 44, this Texan senator is a convincing public speaker. He’s a renowned advocate of controversial causes, such as the opposition to abortion and gay marriage. He even voted against an amendment imposing gun background checks. In fact, he’s so right-wing that his campaign against "Obamacare," a reform of the health care system, went so far as to embarrass his fellow Republicans.

Marco Rubio: Everyone’s Favorite Younger Brother

Alongside Ted Cruz, Rubio is one of the youngest candidates, at 43 years old. Miami-born, he is the U.S. senator from Florida. The son of Cuban parents, Rubio is perfectly bilingual and represented the tea party before falling victim to political backlash on account of his support of a plan allowing unauthorized immigrants to regularize their status. Many consider his candidacy to be premature, but if all else fails, he can at least use the experience as practice for next time around.