Hillary Clinton chose Sept. 27 to launch a provocatively worded attack on China. Her vulgar, unusually rude language was reminiscent of the language frequently heard coming from the loud-mouthed Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump. Chinese Internet users actually have a nickname for Trump: They call him “Empty Broken Bed.” The words in Chinese sound very similar to the Chinese pronunciation of his real name.

Until recently, very few people in America believed Trump was a serious competitor for the position of president; his apparent popularity is more or less due to his "runaway mouth" which is making the election much more amusing. However, he has since unexpectedly maintained higher levels of popularity and support than other Republican candidates, and this is something that has shaken both political circles and public opinion in America. Could it be that Trump’s approach is actually the way to go about it?

It seems that this has panicked Hillary. Jealous, she has unexpectedly abandoned all the proper grace and poise expected of a former secretary of state and senator, and has now opened her rude, loud mouth and publicly imitated Trump’s "language style."

This is in part a misfortune caused by the Internet. It is now common for people to search the Internet for terms such as “topless” and “naked,” and even civilized Chinese people carelessly swear online, frequently using four-letter words for effect. And it is the same in America. This way of speaking is slowly influencing our discussions in real life, and is instigating an erosion of morals both online and offline.

American elections demonstrate that if democracy were to go up in flames, there would be all sorts of dire consequences. Policies, principles and the best interests of the public are all utilized to con voters in shameless efforts to seize the coveted position of president. Are there not those in America who look upon China’s rise as a crisis, and who view China with ever more unfavorable eyes? Well then, just resort to cursing China as much as possible – that will win voters’ favor!

Won’t acting like this just lower America’s status? It just doesn’t matter. What does it matter if America’s status rises or falls? What actually matters is grabbing as many votes as possible. Hillary is a former lawyer who went on to live in the White House as the first lady of the United States. Take her time as the "mother of the nation," tirelessly setting an example for the nation’s courtesy and self-control – she has cast it aside. I myself have been in positions of authority, and would never consider doing something like this for the purposes of an election. But elections do force people to become like this, and it is a shame.

Perhaps the recent, and yet to be settled "email-gate" scandal – she used a private email account to send confidential documents — has damaged Hillary’s image. To make matters worse, her ensuing apology has not been accepted. She messed up, and as a result, wants to attack China as a way to gain an audience and forgiveness from the public.

Regardless, Hillary is considered to be one of the presidential candidates who may take the presidency. Her recent outburst has caused a few people anxiety. If she returns to the White House and once again directs her rude and sharp tongue against China, then she will need to make a giant U-turn! Her husband Bill Clinton also had to make such a U-turn on his policy toward China after entering the White House. However, China 20 years ago didn’t attract much attention after all, so people won’t necessarily remember what Bill Clinton said about China. But nowadays, when presidential candidates speak out harshly against China, it is not easily forgotten.

Hillary has really lowered herself by imitating Trump. China is not necessarily angry with her, but we do think less of her now. And to think that she is considered to be the most elegant and "classy" candidate in the 2016 election really leaves you feeling dejected at the thought of American politics.