After the terrorist attacks in Paris, U.S. Republicans want to close the door on Syrian refugees, and Obama is watching.

The will-o'-wisp that is the patriotism directed against the “Islamization” of the West doesn't dance before the U.S. Congress like it does in the German Parliament. In America, the madness takes place indoors. Following the attacks in Paris, the last of the inhibitions which prevented those both inside and outside of Washington from voicing their opinions have since disappeared. Governors from 20 states, as well as senators and house representatives of the Republican Party, have rolled Muslim refugees from the civil war in Syria in with suspected terrorism and vigorously oppose accepting their refugee status.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." This familiar message is the raison d'état by poet Emma Lazarus emblazoned on the bronze plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The message is displaced by the warning of presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is leading in polls. The radical populist adds barefaced enmity to the unfounded fear only previously demonstrated by intelligence agencies, police and the judiciary system that terror will return to America with people from Syria.

Trump has long been furrowed on his lonesome, so the opposition from the front-runner now attracts the entire establishment of party conservatives. They seek to prohibit the government from fulfilling their humanitarian responsibilities with legal trickery.

Even Jeb Bush, a son and brother of former presidents, seems to have lost his mind out of fear of the people's voice. He would accept most Christian refugees, not Muslims. A man who wants the White House should clearly approach this delicate situation with an even hand.

President Barack Obama had recently struggled through being in the spotlight of Europe's migrant problem by agreeing to receive a single, pathetic quota of 10,000 Syrians, which is how many Syrians have arrived in Munich last weekend alone. Ten thousand for a nation of 330 million is a no brainer, but not when America is hyperventilating from fear.

Obama and his Democrats see themselves forced into a corner by those rattling their sabers in response to the threat of Islamic terrorism. Far and wide, no one opposes the reinforced paranoia of the masses. They are not warned that the reputation of the United States continues to be blemished if the genuinely burdened and persecuted are continually denied a home which affords peace and freedom. They should be reminded that the Islamic State proliferated because the 2003 invasion of Iraq by a brainless America led by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld brought a cancer to the region that metastasized. They should know that, most importantly, facts and excuses are two distinct things.

Of the 750,000 refugees that America has taken since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, two have been detained for terrorist activities. Two! The reason that only two have been detained concerns a gigantic security apparatus for which Angela Merkel would gladly give her kingdom, should that apparatus be practical in Europe and its periphery. Before he or she can set foot on American soil, every refugee is reviewed for security considerations in unprecedented detail. For Syrians, the process takes more than two years. Any newcomers who pass have thus been formed into ardent patriots by the American immigration machine.

The same process could be used for these refugees. If not, then this huge country would be made a fool, the same country where the backwoods far exceeds the sophistication of most of the world. America the scaredy-cat. A role model for no one.