Secretary John Kerry did not invoke Zoroaster, Emerson or even Whitman when he stated repeatedly on behalf of the State Department that Tel Aviv’s security is U.S. security. The U.S. continues to perpetuate the 1948 political earthquake that hit the eastern Mediterranean.

Palestinians had awaited what Kerry would say during his visit to Ramallah. Some of them were disappointed by those same words. They chanted that they did not welcome their difficult guest who is blind to what happened just one kilometer (approximately less than a mile) away in Jerusalem. They want him to confront Benjamin Netanyahu, for this is the man who burned a terrorist rebel alive.

Zoroaster’s line between good and evil and right and wrong has turned into Kerry’s tight rope. He performs in a circus where the diplomat balances U.S. foreign aid on one side and access to the White House on the other.

It is the word “terrorism” that causes confusion and leads to political and moral duplicity. It is as if benign terrorism deserves more praise and malignant terrorism should be uprooted.

What Kerry saw in Palestine has already been seen by his predecessors, including both U.S. and French presidents. He should remember that former French President Jacques Chirac tried to escape the grip of Israeli soldiers. In spite of the message that Barack Obama sent to his secretary of state insisting on a two-state solution, this message, like those of his predecessors, is like a mirage or false pregnancy.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former U.S. national security adviser, said that one day, unjust power will apply to all successive American administrations despite the different presidents or parties to which they belong. However, he repeatedly reminded the world about the twin securities of Washington and Tel Aviv. The Palestinian scene now shames all political and diplomatic efforts. The war on civilians against the occupation will not be stopped by a truce.