Donald Trump, running for the office of president of the United States, has again clearly stepped beyond the boundaries of good taste. Nobody could possibly want the America he idealizes.

Let's assume the best. Because it's Christmas, after all. Given that fact, perhaps Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump didn't really say that Hillary Clinton had been “schlonged” – which essentially means she was attacked with a penis – during the TV debate between Democratic candidates. No, he probably just misspoke where he really wanted to say “shellacked,” which is American slang for “beaten up.” Trump had already had difficulty pronouncing that word as far back as 2010 in an address to Congress and this time it just came out as “schlonged.”

On the other hand, maybe he intended to say exactly what the majority understood – and what goes over so well with his fans. The more viciously he attacks the political establishment in Washington, the higher his approval ratings go. Anti-government sentiment in conservative areas had already done the spadework. Like Berlusconi in Italy, Trump represents a philosophy of exclusion and self-enrichment. Social equality and peace exist neither in his vocabulary nor in his beliefs. People in their right minds can't possibly want such an America and it's good that it will never come to that: In a presidential election, Clinton would give Donald Trump the shellacking of his life.