The Indian National Congress in New Delhi has fiercely criticized the U.S. Republican Party’s presidential candidate Donald Trump. Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit said that Trump and the RSS think alike.* Their prejudiced mindsets prevent them from thinking about a united society. Just like RSS maintains a negative attitude about a special category of people, Trump thinks the same way in America.

Donald Trump: “Thousands of Muslims Celebrated after 9/11”

America’s Republican Party presidential candidate Trump has called for a ban on allowing Muslims to enter the United States. However, his demands have been completely dismissed by the White House and other presidential candidates. He made this statement at a time when the American president has dismissed religious investigation as a basis for granting entry into the country. Trump is considered to be a strong candidate for president.

Trump’s campaign has released a statement that calls for banning the entry of Muslims entirely, unless the government can find out what is going on. It has come up in Trump’s campaign that, according to the Pew Research Center, most Muslims hate Americans.

The World Would Have Been Better if Saddam and Gadhafi Were in Power

According to Trump, recently released survey results from the Center for Security Policy found that 25 per cent of the participating people believed that violence against Americans in America in the form of global jihad is justifiable, and 51 per cent agreed that Muslims in America should be given the option of being ruled according to Shariah law.

*Editor’s note: RSS is the Hindi acronym for the National Volunteer Organization, a right-wing, Hindu-nationalist, volunteer-based, non-governmental agency.