This year, the Oscars were full of political declarations, this year’s tactic for Hollywood stars to show off how smart they are.

1. Don’t Vote for Weirdo Billionaire's Warning

Such was the warning issued by Adam McKay, the co-writer of “The Big Short,” a movie about financial scams on Wall Street.

2. An Oscar Dedicated to the LGBT Community Around the Entire World

“…I stand here tonight as a proud gay man, and I hope we can all stand together as equals one day,” announced Sam Smith, the co-author of a winning song, “Writings on the Wall.”

3. DiCaprio Worrying about Global Warming

“…Climate change is real, it's happening right now, it's the most urgent threat affecting our entire species,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally received his long-awaited first Oscar for best actor. Internet users greeted his speech with catty comments about him having forgotten to thank the bear.

4. White Hollywood

”… For once and forever that the color of the skin become as irrelevant as the length of our hair," declared Alejandro González Iñárritu, awarded the Oscar as best director for “The Revenant.” Asif Kapadia, director of “Amy,” which won an Oscar for best documentary, also stated that diversity questions should be directed to everyone, including white people, and not just blacks.

5. Lady Gaga and Sexual Exploitation

The general atmosphere of seriousness and self-importance was certainly emphasized by the performance of Vice President Joe Biden, Lady Gaga, and sexual assault survivors. All of them touched upon the subject of sexual assault on university campuses across America, which was also the main theme of “The Hunting Game” documentary, nominated for best song.

6. The Church and Pedophilia

The best picture and best original screenplay winner, “Spotlight,” raises an important subject, and is a journalistic story of a child sexual abuse scandal within the American church. However, the artistic qualities of this earnest, interesting, but certainly not original picture were not appreciated by the Academy.

7. The Big Art?

The art at this year’s Oscars was represented by “The Revenant,” winning an Oscar for best achievement in Cinematography award for Emmanuel Lubezki, and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which was in a way the biggest winner of the night with 10 nominations and six wins, including Oscars for production design, film editing, costume design, and sound editing. “The Revenant,” in comparison, was the losing picture, managing only three awards out of 12 nominations.

8. The Underrated Picture

If there was any film unfairly omitted at the 2016 Oscars, it would definitely be Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson’s stop-motion “Anomalisa.” This artistic picture about a restless mind lost to a banal animated film with a trivial title, “Inside Out.”

9. Cinema Failed

In its chase for random journalism, political correctness and “hot” topics – although in the case of “Spotlight,” the topic was more trite than hot considering that the film was about events from a decade ago – the Academy seems to have missed the point this year – cinema. If there was a loser on Oscar night, cinema was it. The Academy did it a true disservice.