Donald Trump, whose words fail to impress, has encouraged Japan and Korea to obtain nuclear weapons, not only making critics skeptical about his diplomatic ability to earn an endorsement, but also exposing the obsolete national security ideology in his head. If this man becomes president of the United States, international relations will revert back to the way they were during the Cold War.

The fact that Trump made these statements reveals that he has completely forgotten about the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by the U.S. which is meant to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and discourage U.S. allies from building nuclear facilities. This not only makes the American people break into a cold sweat, but Japan and Korea might not be able to withstand him either. The purpose of signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was to prevent any country from abusing nuclear weapons. If Japan and Korea obtain nuclear weapons, this would prompt China and Russia to strengthen their nuclear capability. This is how Trump solves diplomatic issues?

Moreover, Trump’s concept of using nuclear weapons exposes Trump's image of a world that remains in a Cold War: in the U.S.-Russia arms race, both countries had nuclear weapons while other countries jumped on the bandwagon one by one, each showing off its international status. When this strategy led to a stalemate in the international community, the non-proliferation treaty came into play, reminding every side in the international community that it has a responsibility to preserve peace.

The funny thing is that the U.S. is about to have a nuclear summit meeting in Washington. World leaders, including those from China, Japan and Korea, will be there to discuss how to restrain the spread of nuclear weapons. Yet, Trump, eager to become president of the United States, advocates the possession of nuclear weapons, bringing out the irony of this meeting.