Talking about the U.S. slant in India's favor, and about Pakistan's relations with Washington, Pakistani Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani said that while members of the U.S. Congress have reservations regarding the provision of F-16s to Pakistan, some of our own parliamentarians have reservations about America's slant toward India.

The United States’ slant in favor of India is no longer a secret. Compared to earlier times, there is a deep understanding between the two; in the case of Muslim countries, however, in particular Pakistan, the U.S. has always adopted a double standard. When terrorist attacks take place in Muslim countries, the U.S. is silent; but if the attack takes place in Paris, lamentation is raised in Washington. Thus, there is always a distinction between the blood of whites and of Asians.

U.S. exhortations to Pakistan to "Do More" continue without end. Nor does the U.S. show any respect for the decisions of the higher courts in Pakistan. There was the case of Raymond Davis; and now American presidential candidate Donald Trump is claiming that he would get Shakeel Afreedi released in a matter of two minutes. He is also proclaiming Pakistan's nuclear program to be a problem for the whole world, which he plans to solve jointly with India.

This kind of nonsensical talk undoubtedly calls for a review of the relations between Pakistan and the United States. In the event that Trump comes into power, there will be additional difficulties for us. It is imperative that a joint session of parliament take a serious look at the situation.