The Orlando massacre confirms that we live under an enormous threat.

The massacre that killed 50 people and inflicted wounds on another 53 yesterday in a club in Orlando, United States shows very harshly that we face a new form of terror in which individuals driven or encouraged by the radical Islamic message decide to cause the maximum damage possible against individuals and groups (who are) absolutely defenseless. The fact that the massacre happened in a gay club highlights the hatred that the shooter professed against a way of living based on tolerance of ideas and respect for individual decisions. A hatred that is found in the radical Islamic message, a lethal projection. Omar Siddique Mateen, the author of the massacre, was a known homophobe – according to FBI investigations – as recognized by his family. As well described by President Obama, what happened was “an act of terror and hatred.”

It is necessary to highlight that this massacre presents some similarities with the San Bernardino, California attack in December of last year, when a radical couple shot some guests during a banquet, killing 14 people and wounding 21. Apart from that, the ease of getting weapons – and war weapons – legally in the United States eliminates one of the biggest difficulties that the people who want to provoke a tragedy face.

This Sunday’s was the largest massacre in United States' history caused by gunfire and, perhaps, the worst terrorist attack in the country since Sept. 11. This also happened at an extremely delicate moment in the country’s internal politics, with the presidential elections approaching. Especially when one of the candidates, Donald Trump, defended the closing of borders several times. However, we must remember that the killer was born in the U.S. As is the case in Europe, rejection toward foreigners won’t solve a very serious problem that the democratic countries in the world need to face – and it would be better in a coordinated way. It’s inevitable that this tragedy will affect the electoral campaign, but at the same time, it highlights the need for the United States to be led by someone trustworthy and prudent.

The massacre is a new demonstration that absolutely no one is free from the threat of radicalism. And that vulnerable groups – civilians at a party, a restaurant, the subway or at an airport – are the chosen targets. Under no circumstances can we let our guards down.