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June 2016

The Next Episode of Trump and Clinton

June 2, 2016 // Le Journal de Montreal - Canada - French

Everything seemed to be settled in advance. Donald Trump was so erratic that he would inevitably crash in the race to the Republican nomination. And Hillary Clinton was so competent that she would obtain the Democratic nomination without the least bit of a problem. Those who said otherwise were joking. Any other [Read more]

The Danger of Joining the ROK-US-Japan Joint Military Training

June 1, 2016 // Hankyoreh - South Korea - Korean

The joint training exercises by the United States, Japan and South Korea for ballistic missile defense will be held for the first time in Hawaii at the end of June. Each country is to send one AEGIS-level vessel and take part in a missile warning exercise using U.S. aircraft in place of ballistic missiles. Clearly, [Read more]
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