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June 2016

4 = 2 = 1 = 0 = -2 = QE4

June 23, 2016 // Les Econoclastes - France - French

For a few years now, finance has dwelled on an illusion. The illusion that growth is infinite, that central banks have supernatural powers, that penal sanctions can never be eschewed, and that Janet Yellen is smarter than the rest of the world.

Washington Stands Outside the Library

June 23, 2016 // Sin Chew Daily - Malaysia - Chinese

I always liked strolling on campus after lunch. The statue of George Washington outside the John M. Olin library has accompanied students from all over the world through the seasons every year. In the spring, groups of energetic students pass through the blooming flowerbeds and pass by the library on their way to [Read more]
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