In recent days, news has surfaced that a request for permission by the U.S. Army to fly pilotless aircraft, which can be as large as cargo planes, has been awaiting our reply for two months already.

Czech officials apparently don’t consider it necessary to inform the public about such things. Now there’s been a response from the Ministry of Transportation, which, as its spokesman says, is doing everything to make it possible for the U.S. military drones to fly over our republic’s territory. They say it’s mainly a matter of seeing that everything is in accord with our laws and meets a high degree of safety.

Evidently our government elites are not getting too worked up over the fact that Global Hawk drones carry spy technology, which in addition to photography is capable of many other activities Americans welcome such as monitoring phone conversations, and so on. The Germans have already addressed this kind of drone request, and they had a really big problem with it. And so, when such “aircraft” show up over Germany, they must have all equipment turned off, so that they can’t conduct monitoring. The U.S. apparently believes, quite mistakenly, that Russia will be the one creating all the problems. Our state is a free country, but in this case it seems to many of us that we’re a mere lackey of the U.S., not to mention NATO.