There was gunfire in America again. This time in Dallas, during a peaceful protest against the police’s abuse of power—after police officers had killed two African-Americans in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Governors from both states have confirmed that the police officers had overstepped their authority and that the issue of the victims’ race might have been a reason behind this tragedy. In the meantime, in Dallas a psychopath had decided to take revenge and killed five police officers. Twenty-five-year-old Micah Johnson was the killer. He also used to serve in Afghanistan. After being encircled, he was killed by the police’s bomb robot after ineffective negotiations. The initial investigation has excluded that the murderer could be associated with terrorists from the Middle East, but it has proved that he was fascinated with black supremacy.

American tabloids are threatening a civil war. Between what groups? Black and white men? The African-Americans and police officers? Racial tensions are an apparent problem, but they end tragically because of an uncontrolled access to firearms, which is guaranteed by The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. This regulation, enacted in 1791, sounds a bit vague: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This legislation had been passed four years before the production of a famous model of musket ’95 and 40 years before the Colt prototype. Meanwhile, nowadays it is possible to buy an automatic rifle on the internet and indiscriminately kill some people (or 50 as it took place in Orlando). Hitherto, neither the judicial power nor the legislature have been able to constrict the Second Amendment’s power, although no one has any idea about what’s going on with the mentioned militia and the right to wander around even with an automatic rifle SIG MCX.

One of the most powerful lobby groups in the USA supports the defense of this legislation—the National Rifle Association. This organization has been paying senators and congressmen, who stopped an attempt to constrain the access to firearms by the state after the Orlando tragedy. So far lawyers representing the NRA have defended this law because of the original legislation’s diffuseness. They say that the Second Amendment is a civil right. No. The right to possess the SIG MCX is neither a cannon of civil rights nor human rights.