We don’t even know who made the stereotypes up.

The stereotypical image of President Barack Obama's administration "resetting" and achieving mutually rewarding relations with Russia turned to dust even before the election campaign this year.

Russian troops and weapons of mass destruction still remain in Ukraine, Syria and Georgia.

Primarily, Ukraine needs the support of the United States to restore its territorial integrity and security. To get such support, the president as well as the government of Ukraine must fight to get it from the campaign staffs of both U.S. presidential candidates now, yesterday and tomorrow.

There must be a foreign policy position on Ukraine with regard to Crimea, parts of Donetsk, and the Lugansk regions occupied by Russian troops, secret services, illegal armed groups supported by the Russian Federation, and traitor-fugitives like Yanukovych, Zakharchenko and Yakimenko.

This position should convincingly represent Ukraine and be recognized by the entire civilized world.

I know how important this is not just from newspapers. Over a year ago, I prepared and presented evidence of Russian military aggression against Ukraine, and crimes against humanity to Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate and in Congress, as well as to representatives of major U.S. publications and information agencies.

The Ukrainian authorities should do everything possible to ensure that international crimes and the Russian occupation are not excused or condoned in the United States by any administration.

First of all, the Ukrainian government should stop stealing from its people and from those individual sponsors that have provided support to our country.

In my previous responses to the situation, a clear sequence of actions in the interests of Ukraine, our citizens, and our national security was outlined.

Americans speak the language of guarantees, but its partners require maximum transparency. No one except we, ourselves, will implement reforms in order to fight corruption and protect the homeland. This should be undertaken by the Ukrainian authorities.

If we move forward, there will always be support. If we tread water without getting anywhere, no one will drag us into a better future.

I am confident that Ukraine, which is moving forward, and the government which carries out all its duties and responsibilities, will be supported by a new U.S. president.

This is especially so as the U.S. was the main ideologue and leader in creating a single economic and political space in Europe.

Moreover, negotiations over the establishment of a transatlantic free trade zone between the U.S. and the European Union are currently taking place. Economic interests lead developed countries forward.

The future U.S. president will defend the interests of his or her country and its citizens.

The U.S., EU and China markets are where we will find the answers to questions about the policies of a possible future President Donald Trump.

By entering these markets and strong international partnerships with Ukraine, we will see economic development and we will be able to guarantee state sovereignty.