Trump, the new president of the USA, demonstrated in his recent press conference a vulgar, abominable, disappointing, and dangerously fascist-inclined behavior, one akin to a bad mafia B-movie, and which highlighted the new nightmarish and incomprehensible image of America. The inevitable comparison with his predecessor brings out the crushing differences—and any melancholic conclusions are yours to make.

The image of an unethical, arrogant, cynical, and hopelessly vacant man in the position of the president of the U.S. creates a bad precedent that, among other things, brings to the surface the necessity—sometimes—of pretenses to uphold someone’s position, even if they do not deserve it … The flattening of all values, usually by people with no conscience, is something that societies have an obligation to prevent from happening, starting from the simple admission that democracy is first and foremost a noble political system, one that relates to aesthetics and despises any form of barbarism. And when Trump appears, he is a monument to unaesthetic barbarism.

The Trump phenomenon also brings to the surface this devastating and unutterable logic that, mainly due to obsessive fanaticism, finds no difference, or simply does not perceive any (which is even worse), between policies and the individual. It is all those people who refuse to accept that the individual is a defining factor of history; all those who, in the end, do not understand that life is not black and white, but instead it is open to the endless manifestations of human nature.