The U.S. president seems like a battered boxer who is only flailing, wildly and haphazardly, around himself.

President Donald Trump is currently making it easy for his opponents. First, the real estate mogul in the White House, with a flimsy excuse, fires FBI Director James Comey, whose agency is investigating Trump’s team because of contacts with Russian diplomats. Then Trump gives a TV interview a little bit later in which he indicates that the man he fired assured him there was no investigation of Trump in this matter.

Now, the most powerful man in the world has warned Comey in a tweet that Comey is not permitted to give any information to the press. And everyone understands: Trump wants to hush something up. Even if that isn’t the case at all, this impression will prevail.

In this affair, Trump seems like a battered boxer who is simply flailing, wildly and haphazardly, around himself. There appears to be nothing left of the man, who could ostensibly use modern media brilliantly to influence the headlines in his favor.

One would be amused if it weren’t so serious. Trump’s politics will not solve the numerous problems facing the U.S., nor improve the lives of the people, but instead they will merely reinforce dissatisfaction with “those in Washington.”