Political analyst Eduard Lozansky talks about the depth of the US domestic political crises.

In the U.S., there is a heated discussion on whether the country is democratic or not. Currently, there are two versions. The first one was precisely defined by the respected magazine Foreign Affairs. According to it, the fact that Trump is praising dictators, his calls for violence even up to the point of requesting that his opponents be put under arrest and also his comparing the media to enemies of the state — all this shows that America tends more and more to be authoritarian.

The second version is based on the idea that “American democracy was stolen by Russia,” meaning Russia achieved Trump’s victory over Clinton. Supporters of both theories are positive that there is a conspiracy between Trump and Putin and this is why Trump should be impeached and Putin should be classified as the main U.S. enemy.

One can laugh and speak ironically about the insanity that is covering a sufficiently wide circle of American politicians and the media, but such irresponsible and dangerous rhetoric can lead to quite bitter results.

It’s clear that it is mostly those who have not yet accepted Trump’s victory who are the ones who have this type of insane opinion. Besides Hillary Clinton and her active supporters, among them there are also people for whom the president’s ideas about domestic and foreign policy are absolutely unacceptable.

As for democracy then, in the U.S., thank God, it still exists. But if Trump’s enemies succeed in bringing him down or not allowing the implementation of reforms promised by him during his election campaign, then we will definitely be able to talk about a serious democratic crisis.

Trump raised doubts about one of the main aspects of U.S. foreign policy — the spread of American democracy around the world. His promises to review the necessity of the democratic “crusade” have brought him intense opposition from the establishment since huge ideological and financial resources are involved in this process.

Donald Trump talked openly about tragic results from the policies of his predecessors, specifically about the colossal sacrifices and destruction in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine and other countries. Millions of dead and wounded, including thousands of Americans; endless flows of refugees; plus trillions in taxpayer expense.

In this regard we should note that British people can certainly “thank” Obama, Clinton and other leaders of NATO countries for the recent terrorist act in Manchester because, thinking of the Arab Spring, they are the ones who brought down the Libyan dictator Gadhafi without realizing the consequences.

Although we are talking about the “stealing” of American democracy by Russians, in Moscow no one ever concealed the fact that they preferred Trump over Clinton, and in this regard they were in solidarity with 63 million U.S. citizens. Moreover, according to all the unbiased analysts and experts, Russia clearly could not have an impact on the result of the elections. But on the other hand, the real interference of the U.S. in elections in other countries is a stated fact.

In any case, there is no proof of Russia’s interference in the election process via cyberspace, and that’s why hardly anything will be found at all. As John McAfee, one of the most famous experts in the field of cyber security, said “if it looks like the Russians did it, then I can guarantee you it was not the Russians.” Also, according to the opinion of a lot of professionals, including former employees of the U.S. intelligence community, the correspondence of members of Clinton's campaign headquarters was not hacked by hackers, but was sent to WikiLeaks by members of her team. Moreover, no one has yet questioned the contents of this correspondence, which is confirmation of collusion between the Democratic National Committee and Clinton's headquarters against her main rival, Bernie Sanders.

Even if we assume that the Russians are the ones who hacked the server, then the only thing that they could steal would be the proof of this collusion. So democracy was stolen by leaders of the Democratic Party but, unfortunately, for some reason the investigation into this issue has not yet begun.

Thus, the answer to the question that was asked in the title of this article mostly depends on how the events in this post-election American drama will develop, and the results of that are unpredictable. However, now we can say with confidence that a deepening of the already emerging crisis for the U.S. establishment is ensured.