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July 2017

An Under-Qualified Presidency

July 26, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

[Trump's] arrival at the White House has caused an increase in global uncertainty, damaged the reputation of the USA and astonished America’s allies.

What Stifles Trump

July 25, 2017 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

<i>The New York Times has disclosed the first clear evidence that Russia infiltrated the Republican presidential campaign.</i> Although he makes continual claims to the contrary, the criticism fired at Donald Trump is a constant burden for him. In fact, multiple sources report the same number of hours that he [Read more]

NAFTA and Problems for Mexico

July 25, 2017 // Proceso - Mexico - Spanish

Mexico is entering a new stage of NAFTA without having clarified what the specific national interests were that guided its creation more than 20 years ago, and which are encouraging its redefinition today.

The CIA behind the Attack in Syria

July 25, 2017 // Il Giornale - Italy - Italian

The responsibility for attacking the Syrian base ultimately falls on Trump, but this back story negates the theory that it was the real estate tycoon’s own initiative, being the showman that he is.
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