In the news: Trump threatens to use military force against Iran!! The U.S. president vows to wipe out North Korea in 15 minutes!! Newly elected President Trump is bombing Syria’s Shayrat Airport and promises to use excessive force against the Syrian Arab Republic!! Congress imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria!! Trump threatens to use force against Venezuela and threatens military intervention!!

To summarize, in less than a year (nine months), President Donald Trump has used the phrase "power and military threat" more than a thousand times in his speeches and via his various tweets, which seem to be difficult for the White House staff to control, despite serious attempts to do so. This demonstrates the aggressive attitude of the American administration.

The latest U.S. statements were made against the Latino state of Venezuela, preceded by violent statements against North Korea. In both cases, a considerable amount of false concern about democracy emerged.

However, no one is convinced any longer that the United States cares about security and world peace as much as it cares about securing more markets for its various weapons, or that it cares more about these things than it does about creating a bogeyman in Southeast Asia called North Korea. Or creating another bogeyman called the Islamic State or whatever the name of the day happens to be, and transferring the activities of the terrorist organization from the Middle East to that region, which means an increase in the threat to emerging economies, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and increasing the threat to stable economies such as China, Japan and North Korea.*

Ultimately, this approach is in the United States’ interests. It guarantees its control of world markets, either through arms or goods. More importantly, it guarantees more weapons going to countries that had not thought for a single day about increasing their military budgets by creating a frightening bogeyman in Latin America called Venezuela.

The fact is that the United States is far removed from world peace and promoting the concepts of democracy. It is closer to perpetuating conflicts around the world. Otherwise, what can explain the Americans’ withdrawal from the climate agreement that affects all the inhabitants of the globe? What can we call the failure of the United States to sign agreements relating to nuclear and atomic weapons activity? And, what can we call its use of atomic bombs against Japan in World War II? When it gives itself the right to exterminate entire peoples and pollute regions and states, it will not hesitate to commit all manner of crimes to secure itself and its economy.

Today, the United States has turned its attention toward the Latin continent. It heaps threats upon the Venezuelan government and accuses the president of running a dictatorship. Such accusations are ready and present every time the U.S. wants to demonize any country in the world.

Before we are drawn into America’s accusations and its huge media machine, we should know that current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was elected by his people through free and fair elections that were world-certified, i.e., he came to power via the ballot box, not through a military coup or outside intervention.

It is clear from U.S. statements, in the words of its president, Donald Trump, that the U.S. administration demonizes everyone who disagrees with its policies. It gets fed up and does not hesitate to impose restrictions it thinks will benefit its policies through trade and economic sanctions on those countries, as is the case with Venezuela or any other country, whether it is democratic or not. America classifies countries as rogue or otherwise depending on how close or far those countries steer toward or away from its policies.

Of course, we should not accept the United States’ classification of rogue states or others by any measure. We must remember that the rogue and the outlaw are those who threaten genocide and military intervention, and who fabricate facts to convince the world to invade Iraq, not the country that maintains independence in making political and economic decisions far from American hegemony.

Arabs, I wonder … have you gotten the message?!

*Translator’s note: The author may have meant South Korea and mistakenly referred to North Korea.