Here we will discuss the relationship between US President Donald Trump and the conservative right. This relationship is one that the American media, which is biased against Trump, is keen to exaggerate. It is worth noting that this media represents the point of view of the deep state, which fights Trump because he came from outside of the official establishment and because the lobbies cannot exert the pressure on him that they would like. He was elected president by the people, who became convinced that the official US establishment does not care about them or their concerns, but rather works for its own interests and supports those who serve its interests at the expense of the interest of the people. Since the end of World War II, most of the US’ previous presidents, including Ronald Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama, are but living examples of dues paid to the deep state. They care more about the interests of large transnational corporations than they do about the American people.

America’s deep state did not think Trump would win, because it did not comprehend the amount of public anger against it. As such, the media gave its platforms to Trump. Moreover, Trump and his campaign team were aware of the volume of popular anger. Thus, Trump addressed the people directly via his Twitter account and via campaign rallies. He addressed the angry elements using the language they had been waiting to hear, i.e. American people first. Thus, they were able to feel that he was their champion against the deep state. Although America’s official establishment realized the danger of Trump and the possibility of his winning, the realization came too late. Thus, all of the media’s attempts to tarnish his image were unsuccessful. He was a star of the popular classes, who no longer trusted the traditional politicians, nor the media! Most of these segments are white citizens: middle class and the poor in particular. So, are all of these from the extreme right, as the leftist media claims?

Yes, the far right supports and continues to support Trump. This extreme right, represented by the Nazi movements and the Ku Klux Klan organization, are considered to be a portion of Trump’s supporters. Yet, most of his supporters do not support these extremist organizations and even stand against their exclusionary and violent ideology. They voted for him because he exemplifies their savior from savage capitalism as represented by the deep state. They did so in the hopes that he would live up to his promises and improve their economic situation. After the recent racist events, the media attempted and continues to attempt to claim that all of Trump’s supporters are racist, even going so far as to claim that Trump himself is a racist! It is a claim that is not based on solid facts. Extreme right movements only represent a small fraction of Trump’s supporters. Additionally, these movements have existed throughout the reigns of all previous presidents, and carried out similar actions to those that recently took place in Virginia. However, the media did not exaggerate these events as it is doing now because it was in harmony with those presidents, and not strongly biased against them, as is the case with Trump.

-Translator’s Note: This is the third of a series of opinion pieces dealing with the same topic. The same author published an opinion article titled “America: A Tale of Racism” on 17 Aug 2017, It was originally published by the same media outlet. It was also picked by another Saudi media outlet, al-Arabiya,, who also published a translated version on their English language version, The author published a follow-up opinion piece on 21 Aug 2017 titled, “Trump…the media, and the conservative right!”