The United States, specifically via the words of Donald Trump, announced its decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump won the veto battle at the Security Council, and lost the war at the United Nations General Assembly. Before I get much further, I want to pause at the U.S. ambassador to the international organization, Nikki Haley. She reminds me of an American cartoon character I still remember from my youth: a dog listening to the voice of his master on the radio. Haley is "his master's voice," and she is cursing.

Who supported the United States at the United Nations? Israel, Guatemala, Honduras, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau and Togo. These are not nations, but parasitic insects. Israel is a bug sucking the blood of Palestine and its people, and the other nations are hoping for American aid. The combined population of Nauru, Palau, and Togo is smaller than that of a district in Cairo.

Some 35 nations abstained from voting. These also included "insects" from Eastern Europe and the Pacific Islands, as well as nations we know such as Argentina, Canada, Australia and Mexico.

Against the aforementioned "insects," 128 countries supported the decision [condemning the move of the embassy to Jerusalem], including Russia, China, and the largest countries in the European Union, such as Great Britain, France and Germany, as well as every Arab nation, Japan, Turkey and Muslim nations from Central and East Asia. And here I will salute Monaco, a small country I visit this summer, which seemed especially bold in its stance on the decision.

The space in this column is limited and needs to be specific, and I am not able to include too many details, but I will say that the United States has utilized its veto 43 times, the most recent time being on Jerusalem. Some 35 of those vetoes have been in the service of protecting Israel, 24 of which vetoes were against Palestine, eight against Lebanon, one against Syria, and two against Libya.

What is the result? The West Bank has come to include thousands of settlements and hundreds of thousands of settlers. During the [reign of terror] of Menachem Begin, Israeli prime minister between 1977 and 1983, hundreds of settlements were built; then came Yitzhak Shamir with five more settlements, and the number of settlers reached 245,000. President Ronald Reagan blindly supported Israel. He said that the expansion of settlements was not a constructive step, but he wasn't against the law. Reagan was a second-rate politician, and a third-rate actor. The settlements and work undertaken to construct the settlements increased dramatically during the administration of Benjamin Netanyahu between 1996 and 1999; it increased again when he was in power in 2009. Day after day we hear about decisions to build 200 residential units, or 500, or more.

Israel is a settlement built entirely on the historic land of Palestine, and the Ashkenazi Jews are chanting myths from the Torah that have no place in this land, for there are no ancient Jewish monuments here and no temple.

Knesset member Oren Hazan was not prevented from boarding a bus transporting Palestinians to the Gaza Strip and verbally attacking the mother of a prisoner with rude language. The Red Cross condemned the incident, reminding Israel of its duty to guarantee the right of peaceful visitation by family members of prisoners free from attack. The Red Cross said that families of prisoners from the Gaza Strip are transported by buses accompanied by police and the police did not prevent the Knesset member from boarding the bus and insulting the mother of a prisoner, whom he described as an "insect" and a "dog."

Insect, dog, moron, terrorist: descriptive words fitting for Hazan, more so than for a fighter defending land stolen from him by Ashkenazi Jews. They are not Jewish at all. Hazan had the audacity to wage an attack against the mother of a fighter on the internet, and was proud of it. At the end of the day, this moron is a clear representative of the government of war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu and all he represents. Netanyahu met with rabbis and asked them for help in the courts against charges of bribery and corruption. They are like him, and indeed, they offered their help. In any event, a criminal remains a criminal whether the Israeli court declares the criminal guilty or not.