Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to Russia, stated that Moscow and Washington are trying to activate the bilateral dialogue. According to Huntsman, different formats of discussions are being considered, including a «2+2» format with ministers of foreign affairs and defense. An expert on America, Ivan Kurilla, estimates the effectiveness of the new formats.

I still continue to believe that there is a desire from both sides to continue a dialogue and develop relations. There are a number of problems that Russia and the U.S. need to solve, namely bilateral relations and world problems, including tensions on the Korean Peninsula. And the problems in Syria are not over yet either. Generally, there are a lot of threats in the world, which Russia and the U.S. have worked on for many decades. Even during the Cold War, Moscow and Washington found ways to come to some agreements. Currently, we can see that among both sides there is a desire not to lose these best practices, which were developed earlier and to continue development of these areas.

The main difference between today's situation and the past is that rhetorical tension is higher than ever.

A certain level of negativity is created by sanctions imposed by the United States. There are also accusations of interfering with the elections. All this impedes the work that was conducted during the years of the Cold War.

It is clear that the new ambassador hopes that his stay will not turn out to be him just sitting in a besieged fortress; instead, he hopes to achieve some results. That is why he started to make an effort, and that is why he makes statements that express cautious hope. Time will tell which format will work. Any format that will give results is good.