The scientist wrote that the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind to the detriment of the human race.

Donald Trump is the most anarchist leader of the 21st century, and the colleagues surrounding him who share his ideology – Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton – form the most anarchistic group of all time, at least as far as extortion, destruction, arbitrariness and rights violations are concerned. Not 48 hours can pass without them threatening someone, cancelling trade agreements or military treaties, establishing random tariffs, shaking down those who turn against them, avoiding court or making a mockery of the U.N. with some pre-emptive attack. The group members are experts at taking what's theirs and walking away. If presented with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they seem to think it’s only fit to use as toilet paper. It’s anarchy in its purest form. Other presidents of the United States have minded their manners; the current White House team, not so much – and these things stick. We are entering an ice age of ethical values, international law and politics as an art form.

Charles Darwin is back and survival of the fittest is being ruthlessly imposed. Everyone wants to grow stronger, regardless of the means: social Darwinism taken to the extreme. The survival of the fittest as a mechanism of evolution is associated in our society with coercion, the power to suppress. Such conspicuous democratic discourse as used by Trump, Pence, Pompeo or Bolton is accompanied by psychological warfare and intimidating military deployments around Venezuela, Colombia, the Antilles and northern Brazil. This is what, in military jargon, is called the “pincer movement,” and the covert operations follow this lead in order to legitimize the use of force if necessary. Without the forceful hand of the military, Chavismo will not lose its stronghold.

Darwin wrote that the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind to the detriment of the human race; we only have to look to breeders of domesticated animals to see how quickly they deteriorate if we neglect to care for them. According to the English naturalist, no other species, with the exception of man, is so ignorant as to allow the reproduction of weak animals. It has been divinely established that it is the destiny of the U.S. to be a superior and governing nation; all hands on deck against the reproduction of degenerated Venezuelan democracy or anything of that nature that results in dictatorships. Its replacement also facilitates the clean-up operation of the czar’s messengers. If the satraps are friends, democratic regeneration can wait.