We’ve delighted in shows of force and (in-)ability during the American army’s redeployments from west to east, and now we can apparently savor transfers from north to south, as well. New American bases will soon sprout up in Poland, and along with them the number of American soldiers on Polish territory will increase. And what’s the goal? To scare Russia – what else?

I don’t know how seriously the Poles are considering it. Ordinary Poles, probably not very much, but their government certainly is. No offense, but I think some of our neighbors have gone mad. I wasn’t expecting any such behavior from them! It’s clear that Poland has naively fallen for an American campaign aimed at certain European states, a campaign that will not bring anyone any good except the United States and the United States alone. The U.S. has, on a long-term basis, sought allies in Europe to manipulate as it pleases.

My dear Polish friends, this is not about mutual collaboration. The U.S. simply needs pawns it can use to compete with Russia on the chessboard called Europe. Could you finally get a grasp on that? And who’s going to pay for it? Of course, no one but Europe alone, European states. All of us, unfortunately!

I don’t know if we can all stay calm. Poland has not yet completed an agreement with the U.S. on who’ll pay for it all. What’s more, the “expiration date” on this friendship may soon pass. The United States of Trump, you see, definitely has no fear of turning its back on one of its own current allies at any moment. Besides, we’ve recently witnessed how friends of the U.S. have gradually become enemies. So it’s possible these plans will remain only on paper. At least, let’s hope so!

Vojtech Filip is deputy speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and chair of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia.