Donald Trump will likely win reelection. Why? What characteristic sets him apart? He is a man who feels no shame. He expresses that which other people do not dare to express.

He is not shy. When he sat with the emir of Qatar during his visit to the Al Udeid U.S. air base in Qatar, he said to him directly, "Thank goodness it was mostly your money, not ours. In fact, even better, it was all of their money, not ours."

He did something similar in a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He listed the advantages of deals that would benefit U.S. companies and the economy, which may not necessarily be what Saudi Arabia had intended.

When he said that Saudi Arabia will spend $500 billion on U.S. infrastructure, this certainly made Americans happy. But it may not delight the Saudi people, as every country has to prioritize the development of its programs and infrastructure over contributing to the development of infrastructure in another country.

Trump told the Gulf states that they wouldn’t be able to retain their thrones for two weeks without America.

These statements are meant to exert pressure in order to obtain cheap oil prices. Trump excites the American voters with these prices. And this behavior doesn’t stop with the Arabs. Trump's frankness and direct approach extends to his relationship with NATO. He told them they spent years living on American taxpayer funding and that it was time to contribute to financing this alliance. He told them to pay up.

Trump is reconsidering all alliances between his country, Canada and Mexico, such as NAFTA. He is reconsidering the Iran nuclear agreement to gain better terms for his country. He asserts that American presidents since Ronald Reagan abandoned the rights of the America citizen until he was elected president.

He is absolutely not ashamed to attack people who have immigrated to his country. Even in his battle with China, he managed to get $250 billion from them through tariffs on exports.

Just as he accuses the media of spreading inaccurate information and fabricated news, he actually spreads “fake news." For the first time since the mid-19th century, the U.S. economy has been on the rise for the past 121 months. The U.S. economy has prospered for 10 years, but not because of Trump, although that is the message he tries to send. Indeed the economy has reached its peak under Trump, but this is a continuation of a steady development. He attributes all of this to himself. He fights what he calls “fake news” with lies.