The daily occurrence of white terrorism increased after the extreme right came to power in America and Europe. White ethnic racism in the West is now being overtly mobilized both at a social level and behind closed doors to enact legislation that restricts immigrants.

Today in the West, there is a fateful meeting of the minds between indigenous fanatics and politicians who believe in ideas about the white race. In Europe, the far right wave is moving faster than it has in decades. In America, terrorist acts, so-called white terrorism, are increasing. The conversation around white terrorism is gaining considerable attention both among supporters of white racist ideas – which includes Donald Trump, conservatives and the Republicans – and among the Democrats who reject Trump just as they rejected the border wall between the United States and Mexico which Trump is building in line with the wishes of a great majority of his electoral base.

White terrorism varies among shootings, stabbings, explosions and car-ramming attacks. It is based on the ideology of “white nationalism” which rejects other nationalities, cultures and colors, and calls for the supremacy of the white race and its political, economic and social alignments. This ideology also calls for the deportation of other races to their countries, the majority of which suffer from poor economic conditions, especially in the Arab world.

Having developed over the years, these racist ideas are being spread by followers across the internet and on social media sites, which are utilized to meet, mobilize and persuade. The followers of these ideas have become a majority and imposed their ideology. They have come to power, making it easier to control decision-making and to implement their beliefs in the form of official orders.

It follows that Arabs are in a situation that is growing increasingly worse. The wave of immigration from Arab countries, which witnessed war and bloody events, brought immigration to America and Europe, where they settled in search of stability. Today, these people and the others who came before them from Africa and Asia are facing a new situation in which harmony, humanity and justice among nationalities and races is vanishing. They are at risk of being murdered in cold blood, as we saw in recent events in the in the U.S. Midwest. Republican politicians are silent on the right’s racist activity because white racial extremists are the Republican Party’s electoral base, especially white Anglo-Saxon evangelicals. The situation is the same for many European political parties.

The difficulty in confronting this danger stems from the fact that it is democracy which brought these people to power. There are those who turn to the argument that Western democracy is in the midst of a dangerous development, in which the media cover up white terrorist acts, with the exception of the attack in New Zealand, which received media attention because of how the attack was streamed live.

On the other hand, when covering other types of terrorism, the media greatly intimidates viewers by spreading terror and concern in the hearts of citizens who adopt to enduring hostility against Arabs and view them as the source of a permanent threat. Meanwhile, these people are not paying attention to the causes of such events; they see only the news coverage about an incident. This is happening at a time when, according to the Global Terrorism Database, the proportion of crimes carried out by Muslim perpetrators is only 12.5%. White terrorists are committing most of the terrorist attacks.