Eighteen years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, an Arab group composed mostly of Saudi citizens alongside two Emiratis, one Egyptian and one Lebanese carried out a bloody and unprecedented attack on America. They targeted important sites related to finance, the military and foreign policy, knocking down giant buildings and killing thousands of innocent employees and citizens, who were not to blame for the evil, death, plundering, arrogance and conquest for which their country is responsible.

It wasn’t long before al-Qaida and their brothers in the Taliban claimed full responsibility for the catastrophe. The picture became very clear to America and the rest of the world after the criminal responsible publicly confessed to his deed on video.

Then came the quick response with a sweeping American attack on Afghanistan, the center and heart of the plan, and al-Qaida and the Taliban fell. America began to gradually sink into the Afghan quagmire, recalling the resounding Soviet defeat in that trap of a country.

This (initially) easy conquest failed to quench Uncle Sam’s thirst for revenge, after his pride had been so damaged by al-Qaida and the Taliban. The Taliban were no match for the Americans’ modern warplanes and advanced missiles; the scene in Afghanistan differed strikingly from the bombastic films created by American intelligence services, full of Hollywood heroes fighting great villains, which so influenced the American personality. Soon the barbaric and bloody American beast began searching for another victim befitting it and its deadly weapons. Rather than bombing and invading Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the sources of the fatwa and those responsible for what happened on Sept. 11, the wretch re-oriented its evil compass toward a country that was sick, bankrupt, defeated and starving, and living under the oppression and darkness of the most cursed, cruel and reprehensible blockade that has been witnessed in modern history. The new target was the dying country of Iraq, which did not have an iota of connection to September’s black tragedy.

Two years later, the American and English armies invaded Iraq, followed by their European minions and some collaborating Arab scoundrels. The most corrupt state on the face of the earth was created, and more than 2 million people were killed during the war and blockade. This Mesopotamian catastrophe could lead to the complete disappearance of Iraq, in accordance with the grand Masonic-Zionist-American dream.

After this long sequence of events, America, the patron of global terrorism, surprised the world by sitting down at an elegant, intimate, well-dressed table with the Taliban, al-Qaida and the Islamic State, looking for a quick exit from the cruel Afghan morass, the return of its children to their homes and an end to the invasion film forever.

During the greedy Donald Trump’s discussions and negotiations with these groups, the Taliban continued its operations of random killings of innocent civilians, blowing up an Afghan wedding party, burning farmers in their gardens, attacking the housing, trade and business of poor Afghans, and shattering the lives of thousands on the pretext that one American soldier walked among them or was sleeping in a tank.

Now Trump has ordered a stop to the deal, and tweeted that he has cancelled the negotiations of his military and intelligence services with the sensible Taliban, because yesterday they carried out a bloody operation in which one great American soldier (as Trump described him) was incidentally killed.

Trump’s conscience, and alleged honor, were not bothered by the sight of thousands of innocent victims, but only by the death of one of his invading soldiers.