The war waged by the traditional wing of the Democratic Party against Bernie Sanders − before the Super Tuesday primaries − worked.

All the contenders, except for Joe Biden, stepped down, and the majority − even some who had dropped out before Tuesday − have supported his candidacy. Yesterday, the former vice president accumulated wins and delegates.

Biden has also benefited from Sanders’ lack of connection with the African American electorate − especially among adults and seniors − and from accusations by other candidates of Sanders' alleged love for the Soviets and for Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Yes, that was also part of the current conversation.

To be generous, Sanders has had a tough time, and he has not reacted in the best way by blaming the "corporate" media and, of course, the Democratic establishment. He has recently commented more than once about something that is common everywhere: Young people go to rallies and demonstrations, they express themselves vigorously on social networks, but when it comes to casting a vote in a ballot box, they often have something else to do that day.

Biden as candidate facing off against Donald Trump promises, above all, a unique political spectacle between now and November.

Keep in mind that the impeachment proceedings against Trump were precisely for allegedly demanding information from the Ukrainian government and for action against Biden's son. Those allegations of corruption − and accusations against Biden, himself as vice president for having favored his son − have never been proven.

Doubtless, there will be fireworks during the campaign. Imagine the debates. I do wonder about a few things, though: Is Biden the ideal candidate to beat Trump? His debate performances ranged from fair to poor. In more than one event, he seemed noticeably confused and unclear. He is not, let's say, a man who generates enthusiasm. Nor does he seem to have many proposals, beyond anti-Trumpism. And he has a history: Barack Obama's eight years, whether they are distorted or not, will be used as a weapon against him.

And what will the considerable number of Sanders fans do? Will they stay home? Didn't we already see that movie with Hillary Clinton?