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The 1916 Occupation: The View from the North

July 13, 2019 // Diario Libre - Dominican Republic - Spanish

The classic work on the 1916 invasion of the Dominican Republic, “The Americans in Santo Domingo” (1928), was written by an American economist and historian named Melvin Moses Knight. He was given the task of carrying out this study by the American Fund for Public Service as part of a series of studies on the role [Read more]

What’s No Longer Left

July 2, 2019 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

[T]he most important aspect of our country cannot be bought. It is a characteristic which big international cities and powerful nations lack, but of which we have more than enough: human solidarity.

The American Friend of Spanish Literature

March 22, 2019 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

<i>The family of Anthony Kerrigan keeps a collection of letters he wrote to three generations of Spanish language authors, from Cela to Bellow, from Borges to Gil de Biedma, in Mallorca. He was their friend, as well as their translator.</i> He gave voice to three generations of Spanish-speaking writers, and he was [Read more]

The 22nd Amendment

January 22, 2019 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

[P]roposals to eliminate the amendment’s prohibition on serving more than eight years as president are founded on arguments ... that [it] limits the voice and will of the people.


January 9, 2019 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

On Dec. 31, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chili, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam, together totaling 500 million inhabitants, formed the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. These countries represent a global gross domestic product of $10 billion as well [Read more]

Jakelin Caal

December 24, 2018 // Prensa Libre - Guatemala - Spanish

Donald Trump's administration reacted to Jakelin’s death by denying any responsibility, and such denials are typical of those in power.

There Were Women in the Beat Generation, Too

December 1, 2018 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

When Elise Cowen (New York, 1933-1962) committed suicide by jumping out of her 7th story window, her parents asked her acquaintances to burn everything she had written. They didn’t want the world to find out what her lifestyle had been like: drugs, sex, lesbian relationships, an abortion, asylums and more. Much of [Read more]

The KKKlan Infiltrator

November 5, 2018 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

In the final scene, [Spike] Lee again leaves us with real clips with the intention of moving the viewer to reject the KKK’s hatred and to see its repugnance.
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