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Paul is a well rounded professional and entrepreneur with experience working or consulting for organizations in Africa and the U.S. across industries such oil and gas, nonprofits, telecommunications, state government and banking to name just a few. Based in the U.S, Paul is originally from Cameroon and is a native French speaker, Paul holds a B.A. in Political Science (International Relations) and an MBA in Management. Passionate about issues involving socio-economic development, and U.S-Africa relations, Paul's work currently focuses on supporting U.S institutional, and private sector actors seeking to address the various challenges Africa faces, and to tap into its vast opportunities.

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The United States: Expert in Buying Up Countries

August 27, 2019 // Capital - France - French

<i>While the American president suggested the idea of purchasing Greenland, this process has widely been used by the United States to enlarge its territory.</i> It is a classic of American history. To take over a territory rich in resources, the U.S. pulls out a wad of cash. Indeed, The Wall Street Journal revealed [Read more]

Morocco-US: Strategic Dialogue To Combat Terrorism

July 18, 2019 // Hespress FR - Morocco - French

A meeting of the U.S.-Morocco Strategic Dialogue working group was convened on Wednesday in Washington at the initiative of Morocco and the U.S. in order to exchange views on counterterrorism, and to reinforce their efforts at cooperation in the area of security. Counterterrorism necessitates building the foundations [Read more]