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The idea of translation came from a chance conversation during a break in a bike ride in Bariloche, Argentina. Seven or so years later, I'm finally making it happen.

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Pandemic and Rivalry

May 27, 2020 // La Prensa - Panama - Spanish

Incapacitated by the public health crisis and ineffective leadership, Washington is shying away from the global leadership it inherited at the end of the Cold War. [Read more]

A Boor in Washington

January 3, 2020 // La Dépêche - France - French

With regard to both form and substance, the boor of Washington has redefined everything one thought one knew about democracy and its rules in the world’s foremost economic power. [Read more]

The Denouement of Dylan and the Philosophy of Picasso

May 6, 2019 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>The musician will play eight Spanish cities and put on a big concert in Paris in which he reclaims his classics.</i> After starring in the artistic vanguard of the 20th century, an elderly Pablo Picasso set himself up in a studio on the Côte d’Azur to pore over the work of the masters who had made their mark [Read more]

Paul Thomas Anderson, Master of the Turning Point

March 3, 2018 // Libération - France - French

<i>The American filmmaker excels at grasping the neuroses of the past and the ambiguity of transitional periods between eras.</i> Paul Thomas Anderson’s eight films to date display an awareness of United States history: first of its cinema, as should films by any self-respecting, movie-enthusiast director, but [Read more]

New York Again

November 8, 2017 // La Prensa - Honduras - Spanish

The incident has once again raised the alarm in New York, forcing authorities to take extraordinary measures to prevent further attacks and any resulting victims of jihadi brutality. [Read more]

The Intelligence of the Public Library

October 31, 2017 // La Libre - Belgium - French

In an age where creationism, communitarianism, nationalism, climate change skepticism, 'fake news,' social and religious unrest and intolerance of others in all its guises wreak havoc ... it seems particularly timely to better understand these other institutions that have succeeded in shifting the critical boundary lines of their domain. [Read more]

10 Years On

August 24, 2017 // La Vanguardia - Spain - Spanish

A decade after the financial crisis began, the big central banks are still propping up the economy with their millions of injections of money into the financial system. [Read more]

Voting for Obama

July 1, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>The film "Get Out" accurately portrays the phenomenon of the good intentions of the dominant white heterosexual toward everybody else.</i> There’s been an appetite for a film like “Get Out” for some time. It’s about a black man invited to a white man’s party. Such an experience is best explained not by [Read more]