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A New Technological Iron Curtain

May 23, 2019 // El País - Spain - Spanish

They also warned of the possible threat that the confrontation between the two world powers could end up creating mutually incompatible technological systems, forcing the rest of the world—Europe, Africa …—to side with one of the two systems. [Read more]

Trump Is Getting Tougher

April 19, 2019 // El Periódico - Spain - Spanish

[S]trategists believe that the social divide will lead Trump to emphasize his most aggressive aspects in order to nail down the bulk of the electorate who voted for him in 2016 precisely for being the voice of a white and exclusionary nationalism. [Read more]

NATO and Trump

April 13, 2019 // El País - Spain - Spanish

With his distrustful attitude, Donald Trump represents the main disturbance in the anniversary of what has undoubtedly been the most long-lived and successful defensive alliance in history. [Read more]

Donald Trump: President of ‘America First’

September 24, 2018 // ABC - Spain - Spanish

Donald Trump is the exact opposite of John F. Kennedy. And, as with every opposite, there are some things in common. The first of these is Kennedy’s and Trump’s direct relationships with the public, which make them populist presidents, and having made careers in television more than in Congress or the Senate. But [Read more]

The ‘Quiet Resistance’ against Trump

September 14, 2018 // El Periódico - Spain - Spanish

<i>The opposition that was revealed in an anonymous New York Times op-ed and in Bob Woodward’s book, “Fear - Trump in the White House” is an indication that what is happening in the White House is highly alarming.</i> It happened as expected: A White House with billionaire Donald Trump as president of the [Read more]

Trump’s Fiscal ‘Black Swan’

January 8, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>The massive tax cut will disrupt monetary policy, boost the deficit over the next 10 years, and impact the euro</i> The tax cut proposed by Donald Trump and passed by both chambers of the United States Congress is a reflection of the president's megalomaniac nature and his lack of concern for matters as serious [Read more]

Abuses at the Apex of Power

November 26, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>They began in the church, but now the scandals even reach the U.S. Congress.</i> First, and for many years, they were unique to the Catholic Church. A few weeks ago, they erupted in the world of Hollywood. The media have followed suit. And now comes politics —particularly the U.S. Congress and the Senate — [Read more]