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2016 presidential election

From Russia with Love (Trump vs. the Media)

March 17, 2017 // Clarín - Argentina - Spanish

One person, acting alone, could be explained as someone taking personal initiative. Two people very close to Donald Trump and doing the same thing is harder to explain as a fluke. It smells perfectly deliberate and underscores the Democrats’ accusation about the defeat of Hillary Clinton: that the Republicans agreed [Read more]

Trump’s First 40 Days

March 14, 2017 // Politika - Serbia - Serbian

Trump and his party have proven that they can win elections. Now, however, they must prove that they can successfully govern.

Trump Once Again under Fire for Dealings with Russia

March 14, 2017 // Le Vif - Belgium - French

<i>On Thursday, Donald Trump defended his attorney general, who is the target of new accusations concerning supposed contacts between his team and Russian officials during last year’s presidential campaign.</i> Jeff Sessions, an ally of the American president and who inspired Trump’s anti-immigration politics, [Read more]
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