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More Emotion in Facial Recognition

August 21, 2019 // Istoe - Brazil - Portuguese

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced significant improvements in his facial analysis software this week. Amazon Rekognition can now identify emotions such as fear and anger in the face of any person subjected to cameras linked to the program. The new functions already allow American police to detect more subtle [Read more]

Bolsonaro and Iran

August 8, 2019 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

If Brazil deserved criticism when it was ruled by the Worker Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores) due to its friendly policy towards Iran, helping to play others’ war drums does not align with the country’s tradition, either.

History Lessons for Markets

July 23, 2019 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

Negative interest rates defy 5,000 years of financial markets, which have always rewarded the waiting and postponement of consumption.

Orwell’s Big Brother Is Alive

July 15, 2019 // El Pais - Brazil - Portuguese

Are we walking docilely in the direction of a society of mass surveillance in which information is manipulated to keep people under control, as the novel reflects?
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